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COF Alumni seeks to keep working in parallel on different fronts to integrate our community and maintain interaction between all the generations of the USB physics alumni.
Block A: Professional

The projects in this block are meant to improve the training quality and expand the horizons of the youngest students of physics. Additionally, offer first experiences of mentoring and training as active collaborators for the early researchers, representing a source of future graduate students. 

  • Mentoring programme.

  • Godparents programme.

  • Scholarships/fellowship programme.

  • Internships programme.

  • Scientific collaboration programme.

Block B: Educative

The projects in this block are meant to promote, motivate and improve the knowledge in trending research fields of our community as well as communicate the current work of the different members. They are also focus on the improvement of the facilities for the young generations of Physicists at USB.

Block C: Organizational

The projects in this block are meant to recognize the scientific work, support and contribute to student scientific projects together with COF Alumni USB initiative.

  • Annual Merit Award.

  • Join the organizing group of COF Alumni USB.

  • International Physicists' Tournament.

  • Newsletter.

Would you like to share your project idea with us?

Write us an email to with the subject ''Project Proposal <LASTNAME-NAME>'' with a short description of your project idea in PDF format..


Conversatorios |online

Conversatorios series is set of online meetings where we made contact with different members of our community to show a little bit of them. It is carried out through Zoom platform but the recorded videos are in our Youtube channel.

This project is lead by M.Morgado and J.Pérez


Coloquios |online

Online series of physics talks given by guests and alumni of COF USB.


Día de la Física |online

Physics day fair at the University Simón Bolívar with academy and industry interactions.

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